1. How important is it to follow the grant application guidelines of the Foundation?

    2. It is essential that the guidelines outlined in the Grant Process section of this website be followed very carefully. The Foundation receives a large number of grant applications each year. At the same time, the Foundation only employs a small part-time staff. If the guidelines are not followed, the Foundation will return the grant application and ask that it be made complete. Please make sure to complete the Grant Application Form and forward it to the Foundation. Please submit one copy, including attachments, and either mail it to the Foundation or email a PDF copy to contact@farahfoundation.org.

    3. The grant application deadline is July 1. Does this mean that the application must be mailed by July 1 or does it mean it must be received by the Foundation by July 1?

    4. The grant application must be postmarked by July 1.

    5. Are extensions of the grant application deadline permitted upon request?

    6. No. In fairness to applicants who are able to meet the July 1 deadline, no extensions are permitted.

    7. I would like to send the grant application via Federal Express. This requires a street address. The address on the website is a post office box. What street address can I use for Federal Express?

    8. The Foundation prefers that most mail be sent to its post office box. However, in those extraordinary cases where a grant applicant needs to send an application by Federal Express, the following address may be used: 1617 N. Waterfront Parkway, Suite 400, Wichita, KS, 67206-6639.

    9. May a grant application be filed electronically?

    10. Yes. Grant applications, including attachments, may be emailed. Files must be in PDF format.

    11. After I file my grant application, what will happen next?

    12. If your grant application package is complete, you will receive a letter from the Foundation confirming its receipt within three weeks from the date the Foundation receives it. If it is not complete, the grant application will be returned and you will be asked that it be made complete. Due to the volume of grant applications received by the Foundation, it is requested that you wait until after the three-week period and only call regarding your application if you do not receive the confirmation letter.

    13. Will the Foundation consider applications outside of its normal annual grant cycle?

    14. No. Grant applications are only considered once per year, in the Fall. The date of the Foundation's Board of Trustee meeting to approve grants each year varies. It is typically held in either November or early December.

    15. I understand that the Foundation gives grant applicants the opportunity to make a presentation to the Foundation. How important is it for an applicant to make this presentation?

    16. As indicated in the Grant Process section of this website, the presentations are optional. They may be made in-person or by conference call. The Foundation has found the presentations to be very useful to the Board of Trustees in their evaluation of grant proposals. They allow the applicant to supplement the written grant application package and to answer any questions the Board might have. Although not required, most grant applicants take advantage of the opportunity to make a presentation.

    17. When will the presentation be scheduled?

    18. The confirmation letter discussed in Question 6 above will inform you of the date and location of the Fall meeting of the Foundation. You will be provided with a Presentation Response Form that you will be asked to return to the Foundation. The form will request certain information and will provide you the opportunity to indicate whether you will make your presentation in-person or by phone. After you return the Presentation Response Form, you will be contacted by the Foundation to schedule the exact time of your presentation.

    19. How does the Foundation establish its annual grant budget?

    20. The Foundation only makes grants out of the earnings on its investments. It does not make grants from its principal. The grant budget each year is dependent on the performance of the Foundation's investments. In years when the American economy is down, the Foundation's budget will typically be down. The contrary is true when the American economy is strong.

    21. What criteria does the Foundation use in evaluating grant requests?

    22. The following are among the factors considered by the Foundation when evaluating an organization that submits a grant application:

      • Financial transparency and accountability
      • Good governance - a committed and advocating board
      • Good management from the staff
      • Evidence of sound strategic planning
      • Strong constituency support through annual giving
      • Planned futurity of the project
      • A compelling vision of the future
      • A demonstrated record of success
      • A professional approach to relationships with major donors

      These factors are general in nature. Although important, not every organization will be at the stage where it is able to satisfy each one. In addition, not all of the factors will apply to every organization's situation. However, in all requests, the Foundation is looking for projects, programs and organizations with a vision for what they are trying to accomplish and a strategic plan on how they will accomplish that vision. The Foundation often assists projects at their early stages, but looks for evidence that the potential to develop the listed factors is present.

    23. What size grants does the Foundation make?

    24. Due to the large number of quality grant applications that the Foundation receives from around the Orthodox world, its ability to fund very large grant requests has been limited in recent years. As a result, grants typically range from $5,000 to $25,000. On occasion, the Foundation has committed to larger grants, but very few have exceeded $150,000.

    25. Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?

    26. The Foundation will occasionally commit to a grant that will extend over a period of years. These have typically been three to five year periods.

    27. Does the Foundation help organizations pay down debt?

    28. No. It is the policy of the Foundation to avoid grants that fund the servicing of debt.

    29. Does the Foundation help fund parish building projects?

    30. Although the Foundation would like to provide funding for parish building projects, due to its limited resources, the Foundation has had to make the decision that parish building projects are not eligible for grant funds at this time. However, the Foundation is in the process of developing a program that would support a limited number of parish building projects each year. That program will be announced on this website when it has been established.

    31. Does the Foundation have a fund for emergency grants?

    32. No, not at this time. Grant requests are only considered once a year in the Fall as described in the Grant Process section of this website.

    33. Does the Foundation provide funding for annual budgets of organizations?

    34. The Foundation prefers to fund specific projects, programs and initiatives of organizations. It generally does not fund ongoing operating budgetary items.

    35. Does the Foundation make grants to individuals?

    36. No. The Foundation only makes grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.

    37. Does the Foundation require that grant applicants be audited by an independent CPA firm?

    38. All organizations requesting a grant from the foundation are required to have adequate internal financial controls and internal audit procedures in place. An external audit by in independent CPA firm is typically required of large, well established, and national organizations such as dioceses and archdioceses. However, an independent external audit is generally not required of small or newly established organizations. In addition, an independent external audit is generally not required of parishes applying for a grant. The Foundation reserves the right to require an independent external audit as a condition for approving any grant request.


Important Notice
The Virginia H. Farah Foundation will next consider grant applications in the 2019. Therefore, the next grant application deadline is July 1, 2019.

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