Grant Process

    The following guidelines are intended to help the grant applicant understand the priority interests of the Foundation and to prepare an application that fits the Foundation's information requirements.

    Persons who represent an organization that they believe might qualify for support may send a written proposal at any time during the year. The information that must be included with any grant proposal is outlined in the Grant Application Form. Applicants should read the following guidelines carefully before completing the application.

    Grant Process:

    The Virginia H. Farah Foundation will only consider grant requests that are submitted in writing from eligible applicants and provided in the format outlined in the instructions to the Grant Application Form. Once a Grant Application is submitted in the proper format, the Foundation will send a confirmation to the applicant. The grant request will then be considered by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Grant applicants will generally be given the opportunity to make a presentation in support of its request as outlined below. The Foundation will inform the applicant in writing of its determination shortly after the meeting in which the grant request is considered. For applications that are accepted, the applicant will be asked to sign a grant contract that outlines the terms and conditions upon which the Foundation will fund the grant.

    Areas in which Grants are made:

    The Virginia H. Farah Foundation makes grants for the maintenance and growth of the Orthodox Christian Church throughout the world.

    The Foundation looks for creative projects or programs that can serve as catalysts for progress in their fields and that can have an impact that will continue after the specific project has been completed. The Foundation is seeking programs that reflect new ideas and more effective ways of doing things.

    Grant Expectations:

    All grants are expected to produce clear, concrete results and a strict evaluation of each grantee and the results will be made to determine if the grantee should be considered for future grants. At the end of the grant period, the organization will be required to furnish to the Foundation a written report containing a narrative account of what was accomplished by the expenditure of funds and a financial accounting. In addition, the Foundation may monitor and conduct a review of operations under the grant, which may include a visit from Foundation personnel to observe your program, discuss the program and finances with your personnel, and review financial and other records and materials connected with the activities financed by the grant.

    Eligible Grant Applicants:

    Only nonprofit tax-exempt organizations as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code are eligible for funding. The Foundation cannot review a Grant Application unless it is submitted by a tax-exempt organization that takes full legal, fiscal and administrative responsibility for the request. The Foundation will not consider solicitations from annual contribution drives. The Foundation does not make "pass through grants" or grants to individuals. The Foundation has no emergency discretionary funds.

    Meeting Dates:

    The Board of Trustees of the Virginia H. Farah Foundation generally consider grant applications in the fall of each year with funding to commence during the next calendar year.

    Submission Schedule:

    In order to be presented for consideration, grant proposals must be submitted and be complete no later than July 1. Grant proposals that are late or incomplete will be rescheduled for presentation at the next grant consideration meeting.

    Grant Presentations:

    In addition to the written applications, grant applicants are given the opportunity to make oral presentations regarding their proposals. These presentations are optional, may not exceed 30 minutes in length, and may be presented by conference call or in person. The Foundation will contact grant applicants in the fall of each year to schedule the presentation.

    Grant Applications:

    To apply for a grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation, the grant applicant should complete the Grant Application Form and forward it to the Foundation. Please submit one copy, including attachments, and either mail it to the Foundation or email a PDF copy to


The Virginia H. Farah Foundation has made the difficult decision to not consider grant applications in 2018. It will next consider grant proposals in 2019. The next grant application deadline is now July 1, 2019. The Foundation apologizes for this late notice and any negative impact this may have on organizations that were planning to submit a grant application in 2018. This decision was not made lightly. The Foundation is working on a project it hopes will exponentially impact its giving capacity, thereby increasing its ability to fund more of the grant proposals that are submitted to it in the future.

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